TIME Social Media interactive speaker buzz

A Case Study follows this preamble so read on….

TIME Social Media interactive speaker buzz from Jenny Wilmshurst and Kevin Andreassend of Tweet Twins Social Media. At TIME  the Tweet Twins shared about Social Media including and beyond the Social Media 101’s. Entitled ‘Bugger, Who Moved My Market’, it identified aspects of the world’s changing marketing environment and how Social Media assists, Social Media strategy, Social Media tools, Social Media attitudes and behaviours. It also included NZ case studies of influence and generating global buzz.

TIME is an annual day long Auckland business to business  event in which 20 or more professional and emerging speakers share training, inspiration, motivation and empowerment to help build businesses and their teams.

The Tweet Twins have been in a jet propelled pace with the launch of global innovation that is generating the kind of buzz that is already a Social Media and PR sensation through the USA and Europe.

One of the Tweet Twins’ most recent project is invigorating. the power of influencer targeting on various platforms.

In pre-launch, the latest Social Media-induced buzz around a new innovation (seriously cool stuff for concert goers and musicians), is ripping like wildfire through European & USA music circles. 1st tier influencers got wind of the innovation. It has prompted a European launch at no cost to the innovator. Buzz is rampant.

This is the second time this kind of attention has occurred. Months ago it prompted one of the most innovative global IT brands to phone within 5 minutes of making a post about an innovative on/offline B2B Social Media / interactivity product. Ah, the power of influence conversation, social alerts, LinkedIn and blogging.

Is this unique among New Zealand Social Media consultancy to get this kind of repeated 1st tier target market attention globally?

Tweet Twins’ Social Media consultancy ranges from  Social Media from 101 how to’s to advanced strategy and tools, plus innovates new interactivity technology globally & creates buzz around such AV Social Media interactivity.

Take advantage of Tweet Twins’ strategy & consulting services:  develop Social Media strategy & implementation plans, into get buzz, build monetise your knowledge. We would love to share with you our unique experience.

So if you’d like to share your marketing challenges and Social Media or interactivity aspirations with Tweet Twins, we aer available to present to your business team, to help you get ready for Social Media go live and with your Social Media strategy and implementation beyond.

Jenny Wilmshurst and Kevin Andreassend of Tweet Twins Social Media

Call us now – contact details on Jenny’s or Kevin’s profile page


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