TIME 2010 Social Media Tweet Twins ‘Bugger who Moved My Market’

At TIME 2010, Social Media was a common topic. The Tweet Twins were presenting ‘Bugger who Moved My Market’ was apparently an inspirational experience and a great source of information for those who attended, according to unprompted feedback.

If you missed out, what Tweet Twins talked about in  ‘Bugger who Moved My Market’ was this. It was an ambitious outline:

  • More than a plan, more than theory –- real proof Social Media works in NZ
  • Business problems Social Media can solve
  • ‘I’m on Social Media – now what’?
  • Social Media beyond Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Adding fun, pizzaz & personality to Social Media
  • Why ‘one size does not fit all’ in Social Media
  • Strategic elements to leverage with your Social Media toolbox
  • Tools, techniques and activity levels that can result in high value leads
  • How to attract self qualified prospects, ready to buy
  • What to do beyond building your online relationships
  • It’s not who you know, or who knows you, but it’s …!

On the latter – we coined the phrase ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you’ way back when.Recently we happened to hear it used by at another Social Media person! So now it is ‘It’s not who you know, or who knows you, but it’s …!’

The last part of the phrase, from our experience is that it is:

* how acutely relevant you are to the target market andwho  is willing to pay with minimum relationship required

You can have all the professional relationships under the sun, all the conversation of every Social Butterfly’s dreams!  BUT unless you really tune in with your target market with acute precision and timeliness, your conversation is a talk fest and you are just another voice. You don’t have time to be friends with everyone – just those with whom you are mutually a win win for right now.

What I believe is that clients deserve more than the Social Media 101 and easy options. You deserve  access to not only the 101 but also the next generation of Social Media and interactivity.  Tap in right now. Tweet Twins has been innovating globally in Social Media interactivity.

Please book us in to speak for your next event! Contact Jenny Wilmshurst on 525 0411, jenny.w[at]slingshot[dot]co[dot]nz

Or as us to consult with you to make the most of your next Social Media steps.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media, Social Media & interactive consulting & training

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