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How do you solve the problem of trying to connect with someone on LinkedIn without their email address? Fortunately it is a bit easier than you may think.

‘Bugger, Who Moved My Market’ was Tweet Twins speaking engagement at the TIME Convention  in Auckland on October 29 2010. After this, several  asked ‘Jenny, how do I get in touch with you on LinkedIn? You spoke on Social Media at TIME.’ This post is inspired from this. Please pass this info on to your connections!!?

The solution
Say you met someone at a business networking event, or a speaking event like TIME. You saw a great speaker and you want to get in touch again but you didn’t get their business card and neither of you has each others’ email address. You know you want to catch up on LinkedIn. How would you handle that? Or how would you create a new connection after you meet at a business function? Or how would you share connections with those who missed a speaking event like this one? 

Connect through LinkedIn groups.
Are you in a group? Join one like New Zealand Business and Professionals so you can be accessed. Check to see if they are in the same group as you are. If you are in the same group you can click on their profile then make the connection.
 So the best route to do this is to use the search box:
>first name, last name, tick relationships group members
> bring up their profile
> add [name] to your network>
groups>choose a group. Customise the message.
You may want to comment on your conversation, presentation, how they can help you (now or in the future).
As a last resort use contacts>add connections> as the recipients receive a more impersonal message.
Then you wait for them to accept your request to connect! 
The moral of the story – #1 Make sure you and your business colleagues join groups like this one: industry specific and general NZ Business and Professional Groups. Without this or without an email address worthwhile network growth is not possible.
 Please do connect with me on LinkledIn using this email address jenny[dot]w[at]slingshot[dot]co[dot]nz

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media for company in-house Social Media presentations and Social Media Consulting


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