Linkedin Scam Alert

The Tweet Twins have discovered another phishing scam. If you receive a invitation to confirm some Linkedin invitation requests, check before you click the confimation.

Before you click on the confirmation link, hover your mouse over the link and double check that the url that will show just above your Windows green Start button actually displays We noticed the scam url is that has hidden Whois registration details. However when we check the email sender’s IP address we discovered in originates out of Chennai, India.

The email is actually hijacked from Californian company We have since alerted them that their email address has be hijacked.

We will place a full photo series so you to become familiar with how to identify a scam.

Social Media sites will be invaded by scammers such as this Indian scammer. Learn how to protect yourself from the scammers. The Tweet Twins can help protect and grow your business.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend. Co-founder of The Tweet Twins. Managing Director of ICE AV Technology Ltd.


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