Social Media Debate Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Social Media debate. The Auckland Chamber of Commerce recently staged a Social Media debate before 200 odd people. Afterwards, a Chamber of Commerce debate participant commented on the debate.  This inspired this post.

The Auckland Social Media Club also ran its own debate. I attended the Social Media Club debate. In each debate, the against team won.Oodles of fun it was too!

In some pockets of Auckland business there is reserved acceptance of Social Media. In others it is wholehearted or yet with others there is cynicism.

Some do not believe that Social Media could power up a business!  Maybe I would not have either if I had not been part of it myself, I wonder.

So here are my pondering & observations on lifting our views of Social Media:

  • Some NZ businesses run 100% on Social Media and get phenomenal results. The non Social Media business we have been growing capabilites of over the recent years, using Social Media, has yielded individual leads valued between $1k and $4.2 million, globally. The company’s Social Media use reaches the key influencers and it attracts conversation & relationships, then sales result from there. He’s launched several key products this way. The owner would say Social Media is THE SOURCE,  the ONLY future of his business. How else can you globally reach and convert without leaving your city? This is not an isolated NZ example.
  • Social Media tools aren’t the vehicle for the future? If not then the Social Media Way is. Social Media Tools + Communications Strategy + Business Strategy = ROI. Tools keep changing. Just like any product in a live market, they ebb and flow as flavour of the day. Use tools with the discernment of a media planner. What are the demographics? What are the tools’ strengths weaknesses, personality and etiquette? Which match your target market? It’s psychographics as well as demographics. We can never rely on the tools wholely. It takes a tool’s policy change and your social media profile is wiped in an instant. Control your IP regardless. Take charge. Back up what you can. Leverage the Social Media Way despite this. It is the globe’s new marketing culture (albeit in migration from traditional media)
  • It is the way the tools are used strategically in a communications strategy within your entire business planning that counts. Think about tailoring each of your communications messages. How do they fit with each tool? Consider how you’ll integrate Social Media and traditional media. So important while markets are still in the process of migrating to Social Media.
  • The unique psyche and ethos that runs behind Social Media is way more than developing relationships and networks. Communication and relationships are foolish if they do not result in profit. I’ve heard open, large-scale conversation that leaves me wondering that maybe some Auckland Social Media aficionados’ practices are random and un-targeted?! We all really enjoy the social side so much! A bit of a trap? I bet someone will not like this being said! However we have to move Social Media skills upward in our sector.
  • Social Media is WAY more than the tools. The tools are way more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Their functions serve less than 25% of the types of Social Media activities and objectives i.e among 4 quadrants of interaction intensity and types of interaction. There are thousands of Social Media tools, applications and plugins. Our organisations need to strive to run as Enterprise 2.0 ‘s (Web 2.0, HR 2.0, Customer Service 2.0, IT 2.0, Ops 2.0, Business Planning 2.0) with a strong engagement centred culture. A change managers dream!
  • One size does not fit all. How this statement has been quoted time and again after I wrote it way back when! Different markets and niches have different requirements. A Social Media marketing mix may even exclude Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn. Other Social Media tools may suit better. What about video, podcasts, webinars, recommendation /review sites, discussion, article sharing sites, media and content sharing sites? These were all part of our original pioneering Auckland Social Media workshops. I believe it is a disservice to clients if we do not expose them to these broad options.
  • Get the right Social Media mix. Ignore the ‘results take many months’ myths If the right Social Media mix and activity level is not used then the powers that be will stifle the initiative head on. Get the right mix of relationship intensive and low risk, medium to low intensity Social Media activity. Globally marketed products and services can get results within weeks NOT MONTHS if you choose wisely. Benchmarked repeatedly over several years! It is true that  short term test and measure must be used as each client and sector differs.
  • Each specific niche has its own set of tools that your markets favour. Each needs to discover them. Not all Web 1.0 tools are dead. Forums in some niches are vibrant! With foresight paln and be in the media while waiting for your market to arrive.
  • It is not who you know. It is not even who knows you. It is who knows you who is the INFLUENCER WILLING TO PAY.  Tweet Twins sayings are spreading! So we added to our own saying again after a few new insights.
  • Leverage the ‘Empty Forest’ way. Be the RARE animal that everyone in your niche is looking for. Be so findable online & offline that they cannot help but find you.

Let’s OPEN OUR MINDS to possibilities for leveraging our business?

If you got 90% of business from Social Media would you say Social Media doesn’t work?

Why would you use any other method?

So, have a strong desire to succeed with your online growth.

Desire to figure out the strategy and tactics. Or seek help

Stop settling for less than what is possible for you! Ask for the help you need to move your business  results forward.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media – Social Media Training, Social Media Consulting, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Planning


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