The Alphabet of ing …. Bing, Ning, Ping, Zing,

Is the English language falling short in the chase to describe and name Social Media technology platforms, or is there a sinister aspect?

The Tweet Twins think they have uncovered the secret behind the latest online development.

Some of the largest and most influential companies online seem to either discovered the most profound formula in naming their social media platform or the naming committee has a limited grasp of the English language.

The latest to hit the online world is from the current darling …Apple with their Social Media platform that is associated to iTunes. Now it seems they have had a real job finding a name with the iPad, iPhone theme and settled with Ping. As for me I would have named it Ding Ding, reminiscent of the old cash register. Now for those who do not recall a world of ding ding cash registers, they were wonderful mechanical machines that made buying a bag of candy so much fun. You would hand over your pocket money and the shop assistant would take your money, and like a skilled piano player press those ivory keys and …wolla, up popped the flags displaying the purchase price.

Anyway maybe that is exactly what Steve Jobs had in mind. Now he knows not everyone can walk into the Apple Candy store,  but Steve knows that iTunes is the destination many are heading to…. and guess what as soon as you go and enter your credit card details he does something we all fatefully accept…he pings your credit card, time and time again.

Now when did Steve come to this realisation because what has me really confused is that goes to a golf club manufacturer.  The Apple Ping site is found here …

The Apple Ping is very different to other Social Media platforms and is only accessible through the iTunes Store. Steve Jobs  describes it as being like Twitter and Facebook, though actually it is quite different.

Ping does not feel social. When you think about it Social networks don’t really fit comfortable with Apple ideology as Apple always wants to much control and keeps their environment very closed. Just ask any programmer developing apps for the iPhone.

I doubt Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook has loss any sleep over Ping.

The site reveals some unique world class engineering from a family business that started in 1959. A mechanical engineer who honed his skills in the aerospace and computer industries, Solheim and PING are credited with numerous innovations that became industry standards, including perimeter weighting, custom fitting and the use of investment casting in the manufacturing of golf clubs. Today, the Phoenix-based company is under the direction of Solheim’s youngest son, John A. Solheim. PING game-improvement products can be found in more than 70 countries.

The company, Karsten Manufacturing Corporation registered the domain in November 1993 long before Social Media had been developed.

A Thought. Is there a patent infringement here …. both companies are aiming for a hole in one.

So who else is using the … convention..

Well goes nowhere and held by yangjian yuan guang in China

Bing is Microsoft is registered to Korea and is a directory site redirects to

Ning is a popular network environment is registered to Arizona and goes no where at present goes to a karaoke site – cellphones – for sale and currently being used as a directory site. – 3d social media site that does not seem that live at present

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Co-founder Tweet Twins, specialists in converging technology and social media with you online.


One thought on “The Alphabet of ing …. Bing, Ning, Ping, Zing,

  1. absolutediscospartypages says:

    Then there is a Social Aggregation site.

    So as both apple ping and are supposedly in Social Media it seems like a rife IP war is about to rage.

    apple ping helps you follow favourite artists, and makes it easier to update all your Social Netowrks at once.

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