File sharing – what is it?

File Sharing – what is it? Here is a quick summary on so that you all have a bit of a feel for how it works.

This type of tool is core to practical Social Media: file sharing. You are now discovering that Social Media is way more than LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! File sharing is a way of sharing files of various types (not just documents) without having to email the whole files. There are many different brands with all sorts of USP oriented uses. For example, one particular brand we (Kevin and I at Tweet Twins) have discovered is a file sharing site that you can charge each person to download your content through.

File sharing sites are especially useful for large files, or group of files or those that require team / project collaboration. Tweet Twins have used to distribute specific info simply, and when we want to measure outcomes. I’ve also used it when my web development company sent a large backup file of one of my other websites. is practical for use with LinkedIn, so it is now a preferred brand among the many brands of free to paid file sharing sites.

Downloads can be set to be private or for public access. You can share a link or a whole folder of files. There are other collaboration, sharing features, version management and measurement stats also.

You upload your content to Then you either send the content or share the link with your contacts. Sharing the link is the easiest way. Then the recipient gets and email with a link included to enable the download.

Any files that you store will be kept secure, and will only be accessible by others if you explicitly authorise sharing. To display your content to the public, you may designate a folder to display on your profile. All files or folders in that folder will be visible to viewers of your profile. All other files and folders are kept private, although you may share specific items with select individuals.

To share content with specific people, just click on the menu for a file or folder that you want to share, and select the “Send to connections” option from the menu. From there you will be able to select from your list of contacts people whom you want to share your folders and files.

Collaborated folders are folders for which you invited others to have special access rights, or for which you were invited for special access.

For example, imagine if you are running a course with different modules for different participants. It is best to upload content to private folders to prevent anyone from anywhere from accessing it at will. I’d say you only want those who’ve paid for each part of the course to access each of the downloads. Control this by sending the links of the specific course subject only to those who attended/paid for that day.  Alternatively you could use a file sharing programme that allows payments per download.


Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media


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