Twitter Tweet Button – start now

Twitter Tweet Button is the long-awaited! It is going to be the easiest way to share content online & shorten it in one hit.

It is a sure rival to Tweet Meme. Both Twitter Tweet Button and Tweet Meme help build blog traffic and content sharing.

How it works: When blog readers hit the Tweet Button, they will be shown a pop-up that includes a shortened link to the post they are reading. Readers can also add in a quick message (great for personalising it or making it search friendly), and then hit “Tweet” to send the post to their Twitter feed as a tweet — all without leaving the blog.

Additionally, each time a reader tweets your post, you’ll know it. The tool keeps a live tally of tweets, so you’re never in the dark about how your blog posts are performing in the Twittersphere.

Twitters Tweet Button

So help us share our posts and get conversations going. Hit that Twitter Button!

Want to get your own for your blog? Go to

WordPress bloggers can enable the button by visiting the “Appearance > Extras” menu and select the “Show a Twitter Tweet Button on my posts” option. You’ll see the button at the bottom of your posts.

Here’s to the Twitter Tweet Button! Have fun sharing.

By Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media


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