Socialnomics Social Media Revolution

Socialnomics Social Media Revolution video is the classic all time Social Media consultants’ friend to explain what impact Social Media has here and now. It is a great video to get your thinking going about Social Media Strategy, Social Media planning and how your markets needs may be changing.

This is the most recent version, with the latest stats and graphic impact. Have a think about where you are in your Social Media journey, consider the way your clients might now want you to tune into them using Social Media, your Social Media implementation needs, and Social Media Strategy to follow:

What help do you need to learn Social Media?

What help do you want to figure out your Social Media Strategy?

What help do you want to put focus into your Social Media action planning?

What knowledge gaps do you need to fill in your Social Media journey?

Tweet Twins  are all ears to help you enjoy it as much as we do, make it productive and workable.

Tweet Twins  offer webinars, mentoring, training, in-house workshops, strategy, action planning, for corporates, SME’s, marketers and business owners.

We work at the pace you need. We can tailor to suit your needs – whether you want a simple ‘get me started and confident’ approach or a full on creative and strategic approach. Or we can cover more than the triad of Social Media tools, with leading edge innovation and strategy if that is what you need.

Contact us soon or comment below:

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media NZ, Social Media strategy, Social Media Planning & Implementation, Social Media training and mentoring


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