10 ways to thank for a Twitter RT@

10 ways to say thank you for retweeting. The significance of a retweet?

When a follower retweets, they see your content as valueable to share your  post with their Twitter network. In other words share with your 2nd degree connections. You become more visible to others, as does your content. It opens up potential new business relationships through conversation.

Instead of saying thank you here are 10 ways you can thank a person for retweeting:
1.Follow back if not already following
2.Visit their Twitter profile
3.Retweet something interesting from their stream
4.Visit their blog or website
5.Subscribe to their blog
6.Comment on a blog post
7.Retweet their blog post
8.Stumble their blog post (use Stumbleupon – a bookmarking to share a post)
9. Link to their blog post
10. Connect with them on Facebook, emall on Linkedin (subject to access/perissions)

Or all of these!

What other ways could you say “thank you” and make your followers feel special?

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media NZ, Social Media consultant, Social Media speaker, Social Media trainer & mentor, NZ’s female pioneer Social Media expert.

For more training options, speaking engagements  contact Jenny.


2 thoughts on “10 ways to thank for a Twitter RT@

    • tweettwins says:

      Good question!
      When you log into your Twitter acocunt – go to the panel on the right had side of the Twitter page. The top section has your Twitter following statistics and Home is underneath.

      All messages that have ben RT’ed with have RT@[yourTwitterprofilename]

      There are 2 ways to discover them:

      1.If you are following them, as they tweet messages each will show in your Twitter stream (the list of tweets of those you follow)
      2. Or hit @[yourTwitterprofilename] and Twitter will bring up all others’ mentions of your Twitter name. Look for one that has RT@[yourTwitterprofilename] It is a good way of finding mentions of you that are a few days or a few weeks old.

      How well does that answer your question?

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