Love it or hate it, Broadcast Television has met its match.

Love it, hate it, fear, or milk it for what you can, what ever your take, television is undergoing fundamental changes around the world and New Zealand.

Radio was going to put an end to print, television was going to squash cinemas, print is going digital (aka Kindle), radio is going online, internet is challenging newspapers, cinema’s are heading home and television is going 3D.

Now the internet and television is converging and pulling in mobile television. Google intends to be a player and certainly is going to be disruptive in viewer behaviour and where you receive your entertainment.

A range of fundamental issues need to be discussed and considered. Have your viewing habits changed in the last few years. Depending on your age I would say that the viewing habits of a 21 year old are completely at odds with a 53 year old. The content viewed today has shifted from being BBC perfect or a “Hollywood” to what is almost anything goes. The mobile phone is going to play an increasingly important role which is interesting as now we have TV screens that can be 103″ dia wide to a small pocket size cell phone. This is really the first time ever such platforms and choices existed and broadcast channels to the production gear is available to all who care to access it.

Video has become as important as writing and it is imperative that business owners get their head around how to create video, edit, create content and gather their viewers and leverage it for their brand, products and services.

Everyone one is a producer, director, narrator, camera person and editor. But most of all we can all be a star in our own right.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Co-founder Tweet Twins, specialists in converging technology and social media with you online.


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