Linkedin effectiveness

LinkedIn effectiveness. What do I mean by that? How effective is your profile on LinkedIn? How many times does it show in LinkedIn searches? How many have viewed your LinkedIn profile from the LinkedIn searches? Why would you want this? How can you increase your LinkedIn search results for your profile?

All good questions.

How you set up your profile affects your LinkedIn effectiveness and how it shows in the searches.

You can see your profile’s stats on the right hand side of your profile page. This is what the latest stats are for a (real) current LinkedIn profile are :

Can you see the power of connections? Your power is in the access connections and influence beyond your own.

It just goes to show that people are actively searching for information and services, opportunities to extend business endeavours. They are high income earners and we are each highly targetable on LinkedIn.

I have found ways to get to the top of Linkedin searches to increase business opportunity. You can make the most of LinkedIn business opportunities too and I want to share with you to help you be more successful. ‘Help me. Show me how’ I hear.

If you are unsure how to and want to maximise and leverage Linkedin then please contact me on subject line LINKEDIN EFFECTIVENESS

Posted by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media NZ

– Social Media speaking, Social Media strategy, Social Media implementation, Social Media workshops


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