Where is marketing really at?

Where is marketing really at? The buyer has flipped the equation on it’s head. With the current oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, could the consumer have the power to close this company down in the USA? Could the combined voice of Social Media bring this giant to its knees in America?

No amount of fancy ad campaigns or attempts at putting the cork back in the bottle are going to redeem BP from the disdain they are now experiencing. Will this be the first case of Social Media bringing down a global giant, or at least giving it a serious nudge in that direction.

Buyers are deciding where and how much they will pay and what model they will buy long before they ever hit the retail store. Buyers have become sophisticated buying machines with all the power of technologies at their finger tips.

A product failure can spreadlike wild fire to millions in a split second.

In a marketing seminar coming up being promoted by Richard Gee where Richard Brookes, Associate Professor of Marketing from The University of Auckland will speak has the title of Marketing Today: At the crossroads or in the crosshairs?

The seminar preamble follows… How an understanding of the shifts in modern marketing will help you in your business.

Being a marketer today is a tough challenge. Here is your chance to be really up with the play.  Some thought provoking information from Richard Brookes will provide insights that will be useful at your place.  Discover from someone who combines academic insight with the implementation of commercial marketing strategies.

Marketing is under pressure. Whilst brand choice has never been greater, too many brands are seen to be delivering only unrequited promises. Customers are becoming more resentful, and less loyal. Developments in information and communications technologies, in particular, have given customers a greater voice-over, and extended their power.  In a changing world, how should marketing change?

If you are an optimist, marketing is at a cross-roads. If you are a pessimist, it’s in the cross-hairs.  Richard will examine six fundamental changes that are impacting on organisations and marketing practice, and will discuss their implications for both marketing theory and practice.

In my capacity as Managing Director of international exporter ICE AV Technology, I would go one step further in the above pre-amble with the following …. Make sure your cross hairs are on the cross roads. Make sure you are in the cross roads and in somebody elses cross hairs. Now what do I mean by this? Consumers are gathering at a vast range of cross roads, either researching, discussing, asking questions, giving opinions, buying, comparing and browsing, and the sellers need to be there because the buyers are coming after you. There is a food chain in business and each player needs to be handshaking on both sides.

Today (figure of speech) I need to constantly need to ensure I am in the target of potential clients and suppliers, talk about role play because the next minute I need to also ensure I can target specific opportunities, whether it be distribution channels, supply channels or clients.

I was once in Singapore Airport passing some time and browsed in on one of the duty free shops. I noticed a store assistant giving instructions to a potential client. I eaves dropped in on his conversation and explanation on the features of this digital camera. I was some what amused by his inaccurate instructions and explanations which had a number of flaws. I sure he was doing his best with the level of expertise he had, but nevertheless it was inaccurate. I felt inclined to step in and could have easily closed the sale, but felt that would have been rather rude so left the assistance to his best efforts.

Today within 5 minutes a consumer from the comfort and anonmity of their home can know your price, how your prices compares, what others shoppers say about your store, about the product specifications and brand. They can even ask 100’s of others whether it is a good model and what they would recommend – all without you ever knowing.

In the international market place what I have found, is that if you take a gun sight approach and line up your cross hairs at the cross roads you will attract buyers, have unknown buyers hunt you down, and previous strangers from around the globe want to give you thousand’s of dollars. So how does a company do that with a virtual zero dollar budget and yet attract serious players from both both sides of the trade coin. From my personal and practical experience there is one way that allows you to play with the big boys and it is the intelligent use of Social Media, that over a sustained period will bring results. This was aptly demonstrated in the last few days when an offshore manufacturing partner will front up with $US4,000,000 of product for  an international level project as their role in the deal in a no money down arrangement, all based on the online reputation of the writer and his company’s commercial activities. Of course understanding the value to the partner is a crucial aspect of pulling off such an undertaking. An important aspect of this is being able to develop relationships. It might surprise many that deals of this nature can be undertaken by building relationships thru the use of Social Media between business people from two very different cultures.

The use of Social Media can have far reaching implications for businesses wanting to grab it with both hands and to spend time implementing it. You will find rectrospectively that a delay in your strategic implementation could cost you thousands of dollars in revenue loss, plus put you further behind your competitors. Many freak out that they are being stalked, or that they will be scammed, whilst others are worried by the unsavoury aspects. These are all aspects to consider and manage but overall they are minority aspects needing your attention when compared to the business riches out there when using Social Media.

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One thought on “Where is marketing really at?

  1. Deon Swiggs says:

    Awesome post. I think there is much merit in this. Social media wont just bring down companies either. If you look at celebrities. they can be slammed so easily on this media as well. I like the info provided on the site. well done.

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