The Power of Video – back when it started in another era.

I have been reflecting on the power of video as it relates to Social Media of late. Why, well I was here when the video production industry first started in New Zealand. To this day I can still remember long before video production equipment of ANY sort was available in NZ, before digital cameras and even reflex photo cameras that only the pros used …. and the day I finally got access to my first video production gear.

With the current celebration of 50 years of broadcast television in New Zealand this is a timely time to reflect not on the pass but the future! Where is it going and how can you as a business owner ride this fantastic media opportunity.

Allow me to indulge you in a little childhood memory reflection. I remember the day my parents decided to rent a TV, it was black and white and maybe made by Phillips. As with many devices it eventually needed a bit of service and like any technically orientated child, I decided I could say Dad a few pounds, hence my career began in the television industry… at last I was apart of this new media industry that I had started in a few yeas earlier when I started my first home cinema.  So out came the screw drivers and I went to repair the power plug as some of the wires had come loose. Back then we did not have the black pre-moulded “jug cords” used on TVs today.  Much to Dad’s alarm he saw me in time reconnecting the phase and neutral cables in the power plug. I could not not understand his alarm at the time, surely it was just a matter of poking the red and black wires back in the two sockets. That day I might have killed myself or shorted out the transformer in the TV and created a major problem and how was Dad going to explain this to the rental company.  A few things I learnt from this experience.

1- Something simple may have a complex background and infrastructure.

2 – The obvious may actually hide something you have no knowledge about.

3 – Never stop trying or finding an alternative way to solve a problem.

4 – If you do not try, you never learn.

5 – Sometimes a gentle rebuke by another is made for your own future good 🙂

6 – Something small may lead to paths, directions and opportunities you can not even fathom at the time.

I remember the day about 12 months before it hit the public, of reading a brochure about some technology that was going to be launched in NZ that actually allowed you to take the television radio waves out of the air and actually record it onto an almost identical magnetic tape I have been using to record audio on.  What was also more exciting was that if you placed a lens and some recording circuitry it would be possible to not only record the TV programmes but actually film whatever your eye could see. Now for a recently married guy this was science fiction (almost like finding my first love !) and I had to get my hands on somehow when the Government released the huge licensing restrictions on importing TV recording and playback gear. Eventually I setup up one of the first early wedding video recording businesses in NZ.

I am proud to say that I bought tears to many bride and groom as they viewed my productions. Emotion, momentum, ebb and flow are essential elements in any successful video or TV programme is an absolute requirement. I discovered and learnt the technique and language of motion picture language.  Today I came across a fun video interpretation of a Lady Gaga song and it had me laughing even though it is filmed on  a static and what we call in Motion Picture language a Master scene wide shot.

Have a listen and enjoy these guys doing a bit of fun entertainment. Now before you hit play, contemplate this…what if that was your staff creating a fun video as a team building event, how that would increase some staff bonding and your clients perception of a fun, interesting collaborative company. Some of your more shy staff might just come out of their shell a little and learn to be a little more confident and outgoing..that is just one side effective of positive Social Media.

Already up to 5,291,190 – Get that, that is five million potential clients viewing your video and growing, that COST ZERO ZERO DOLLARS. I think that many people do not realise  that this was impossible to accomplish a couple of years ago. That is the true power of Social Media. However initial knowledge is not only what you require but experienced veterans who live and breath technology, Social Media and the internet and most importantly are bringing $1,000’s of dollars of business income from around the world whose clients include blue chip to one man companies.

Now here is what the guys were mimicking in the car park.

Almost 330,000,000 million viewers! Go Gaga.

So my challenge to you today is organise to get yourself a video camera with sound recording (can cost as little as $100) learn how to use Movie Maker (you already have it if you have Windows XP), create a Youtube account and you are now a broadcaster. Man if it was only as easy and cheap when  I first started in the video industry. If you attend a TweetTwins workshop we even show you how to moneytise your professional videos with a few mouse clicks.

My daughter must have been following her Dad’s early adoption of video. Here you can listen to an angel sing with her professional Australiasian Pop Opera sensation music group – Tre-Belle. Three amazing ladies.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Serial Technology Entrepreneur and owner of various internationally focused technology companies, President of the AucklandICT and co-partner of the TweetTwins.


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