“I’ve never, ever left an event so inspired!”

Some months I attended an event here in Auckland and listened to a speaker by the name of Paul Dunn. His message was not how you could make a million dollars online, but rather how you could have an impact on millions. If you want to be enlightened, gain a new perspective on life, your business and your personal journey then keep reading.

Actually, the entire quote from the subject line is this:
‘I’ve been to so many events but I’ve never, ever left one so inspired and so ready to take positive action as this one.

Paul just nails it!’ Auckland-based Furniture Retailer Angus Dawson said that after he’d seen business and marketing legend Paul Dunn in Seminar just recently.  Paul is great. He’s back in New Zealand soon and I’m suggesting your reaction will be equally as glowing as Angus’.

So if you’re in business and you want it to be a better business in every sense of that word, click on the link below for the location that’s closest to you. Read about it, register for it.

We have arranged a full $77 saving for you too so it’s completely f*r*e*e* for you. It’s all automatic; just go to the link, select the number of tickets you’d like and press ORDER NOW or REGISTER.

Just click on the relevant link. It’s really simple

Christchurch, evening of 29 June

Wellington, evening of 30 June

Auckland, evening of 1 July

You’ll learn tremendous things. And you’ll love it.

Former Accenture Consultant and now Melbourne-based entrepreneur Peter Cook puts it like this:
“I have been fortunate to have the benefit of Paul’s experience, wisdom, insight and generosity. I have taken my primary business from taking 60 hours a week and running at a loss to earning a healthy profit and only needing a couple of days a week (and for two months, those two days a week were done remotely from Bali!), launched three other businesses, and am feeling much happier, healthy and more relaxed. If you want to succeed in business and you get a chance to work with Paul in any capacity, grab the opportunity with both hands!”

This is a full-of-impact, high-value evening with a real legend. It’s specifically designed to give your business a huge boost. And even more importantly, I know it’s an evening you’ll benefit from immediately. You’ll be seriously WOWed and inspired.

Those links to get all the details are:

Christchurch, evening of 29 June

Wellington, evening of 30 June

Auckland, evening of 1 July

Do go ahead; take a look now and act on this – I’m certain you’ll love it.

I live in an incredibly privileged country, where we do not have war, food shortages, beggars on the corner, homeless children wandering  for crumbs, nor people living in fear of bombs, being kidnapped, torture, or fire bombed because I believe different to you. Every week I communicate with clients from around the world as diverse as Libya, Moscow, Seoul, Uganda, India, San Jose and Shanghai and acutely aware millions will never in their wildest dreams ever have and achieve what I do in business. And so the vision Paul Dunn has and implementing is compelling to every business owner to consider.

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