What do the Tweet Twins do when we are not tweeting, blogging, talking and developing strategies?

Many times recently when many of the people engage with the The Tweet Twins, they begin to learn about the many lives we live.  A typical response is “how do you manage to do all that you do”.

Jenny for example with her husband run a successful rental company for the disco dance party scene, events where they supply DJ systems and DJ’s. I tend to think of her as the “Thank God it is Friday” dance party queen. (aka Donna Summer). 🙂

As for Kevin right at this moment he is doing some major multi tasking … doing some blogging   – thats the easy part 🙂 The hard part is trying to concentrate on the live broadcast of the Indy 500 and to watch Scott Dixon and Danica at the same time. Those speeds and danger sends a shiver down the spine and keeps me on the edge of my seat. This interest is fueled by one of my various commercial activities,  SimDeck Formula Simulators where we build full size formula race car simulators.

The car crash flipping on the earlier Indy race, I gotta keep watching that, …hey I might just learn how to shave 2 seconds off in the simulator. 🙂

The Tweet Twins are not Social Media Theorists.  We walk the plank and have jumped head first into applying everything we talk about, teach and tell you should do, not in creating the largest Twitter following but in creating real business, serving clients around the world with contracts worth large sums of money. Many people are jumping into Social Media as consultants, advisers or whatever title they think will give them stamina and position. I wonder if they can show you $US50,000 quotations or even $US4.8m quotes or international invoices for $US5000 of sale to clients they have never met on the other side of the world and all were generated from Social media tactics. The Tweet Twins

One aspect you can be assured of with The Tweet Twins, if we are not dancing on the disco floor or re-creating a life like Formula One / Indy 500 simulation experience, we will be implementing your strategy based on the same principles and activities that has seen a United Nations of clients contact me.

So now its time to go pitside and concentrate on the Indy 500 2010

Written by Kevin Andreassend, co-partner of the Tweet Twins, MD of ICE AV Technology Ltd


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