2012 The Year of Hope or Apocalypse or is it the Age of Transition for Social Media

Social Media is the new revolution that gives everyone a voice. One international successful story is SlumDog Millionaire where children in the slums of India are rocketed to stardom and fame. Another story that is being told is that of Mexican newly weds Juan Carlos and his lovely wife Nallely as they search the world for twelve unknown children.

Recently Juan Carlos and Nallely came to stay with Kevin Andreassend when they came to New Zealand to find the Eleventh Child and to record the hopes and dreams of a Kiwi child.

I will let Juan Carlos and Nalley tell their story……..

… On October 16th, 2009 we took the ferry from Helsingor to Helsingborg. During the twenty minutes that the crossing takes we were saying good bye to Denmark and to IPC. We both were overwhelmed by mixed feelings: on the one hand, each of us would be leaving with sadness due to the emotions that were built in this country, mainly at IPC; and on the other, with emotional heart, because we, together, finally started a truly around the world journey. That meant, being ready to receive many stimuli both for our relationship as well as personally, but overall, felt the satisfaction of starting the engines to finish the second part of “Twelve.”

Video Interview Part One

Video Interview Part Two


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