Twitter’s new homepage

Twitter’s new home page has changed. What might it mean to you? Twitter has changed from the old static pages with a list of trending topics and a search form, to a dynamic scrolling list of trending topics, constantly updated tweets, randomisation of suggested users and a new explanataion of what Twitter is. All this with no log on necessary until you want to connect, search and tweet others.

The new Twitter home page gives new Twitter users the benefit of an instant overview of how they can use Twitter.

Twitter says this of its new homepage and the new focus:

“Twitter is a rich source of instant information. Stay updated. Keep others updated. It’s a whole thing. You choose and customize every aspect of the service. Lots of people like it. We’d love it if you joined us.”

Key Twitter developments to watch:

1. The focus from real time relationships to real time search – an increased focus on information. It is a reflection of one of Twitter’s key attributes as it outgrew its ability to serve its former strengths – relationships. How will Twitter continue position itself? How will the user trends change?

2. Twitter’s attempts to nurture  new users into consistent users. This is a constant struggle Twitter has and the homepage is a step closer to bridging the relationship gap. What ways will Twitter adapt further so it can more adequate meet the relationship needs?

3. Twitter’s gradual personality change. From a Social Networking to an increased focus on information has been a gradual personality change. Individual Social Networks are assert their personality and redefining their roles. This is like watching a child grow into adolescence on its way to finding its way in the world as an adult. Let’s watch how Twitter works through this.

Implications for marketing:

Right now it encourages more marketers to approach Twitter by 

1. Using targeting concepts of ‘keyword’,  ‘database’,  ‘search tools’ and ‘ SEO’. This means Twitter use matches the ‘who has a problem that my product/service fills the need for right now’ increasingly. Relationships with those who have ‘the need’ begin then. This is a conscious behaviour change from the way Twitter users began several years ago.

2. Increased use of Twitter apps like coupons, events, follower benefits, and the increased migration of  direct marketing and viral marketing concepts into Twitter. The more apps used or available, the more flexiblity to market through Twitter. Some marketers use the mass marketing model, others put time into targeted relationships. You may not necessarily see them as some are private on DM.

If you are new to Twitter, Social Media for Business, or want to learn to leverage your journey, join with us on one of our Auckland Social Media workshops.


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