Grow LinkedIn Groups

What can you do to help groups grow and make them a better place to visit?

What can you do?

1. Invite other business owners, and their teams to join your groups. You can do this through the Contacts. Add connections and Contacts. Imported Contacts section of LinkedIn or message them.
2. Add thought provoking discussion topics regularly – keep it interesting
3. Make announcements about your business activities – it builds your profile
4. Share interesting content regularly – we all love interesting business tips and news
5. Be open to creating communication in your groups – it will build relationships
6. If your contacts don’t know how to use LinkedIn or you’d like to extend your leverage ability with it (and other Social Media like video, blogging etc), Tweet Twins runs local monthly workshops to help you learn more.

By Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media of NZ – Social Media strategy, implementation, training, workshops, webinars, seminars, and keynote speaking


One thought on “Grow LinkedIn Groups

  1. tweettwins says:

    Hi Portia

    If using WordPress, you’ll need to decide whether you will use .com or .org. The .com version is free but has limitations. The .org version has great flexibility to add plug ins to make it more useful but you need to host it yourself. There are .org themes available for free or paid (e.g. the Elegant Themes advertised on our blog’s right hand column). – Jenny

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