Where to start with Twitter

My dear Twitter newbie friend

Now you’ve dipped your toe in the water with Twitter!  That’s great! I can see you are enjoying the social aspects of Twitter, so you are getting a feel for how it works. Now you can start experiencing Twitter for business – it’s a bit different to what you have been doing until now.

Now for business ….Listen on Twitter for a while. Observe. Then it’s time to get strategic. Strategic following. Strategic searching. Strategic communication. It matters what you say, how you say it, the balance between informality and formality, what part of Twitter tools you use, how often you tweet, how much you engage, how much valuable content you provide, best times of the day to post, know who you want to influence, you also need to know what to measure,  how to measure it and which tools to use. Companies need to plan and use corporate guidelines. Social Media is not a social ‘anything goes’.

Remember, it’s media. It’s media that happens to be social, not social that happens to be media. So you need to treat it as you would any media choice – with discernment, and purpose, bearing in mind the specific target market demographics of Twitter as a tool. Then weave the ‘social’ in – not the other way around. If you don’t do that you will waste client/company time and not able to achieve marketing goals.

Your market will be interested in your discovery of valuable, relevant information, but not the banal content. For instance if you are a Local Store Manager or a Shopping Centre Manager, your customers may be keen to know and trust your recommendations on the local cafe, as it is relevant. If you want to share how well you slept last night, best to do that privately on DM.

The rewards can be great for brands and ROI. Here’s a small case study of how we used it for a NFP campaign. We found Twitter to be extremely responsive. Of a good sized global following, response was instant and was non stop for 10 minutes for every tweet. Every time the scheduled tweets were published, the same positive response rate happened. It was higher and faster than we expected. When we translated it then tweeted in languages of non English speaking followers, the viral effect occurred. We could see that the message was spreading. We combined it with email, and friend to friend referrals, people who’d buy into the concept just because they knew us. The relationship was everything to begin with. That created trust.

So as you can see from this glimpse, there is more to Social Media than meets the eye. There’s more to it for business than Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well. There is a whole new world of exciting ways to use Social Media in business that drives results.

I’m right here to help you make the most of your Social Media and help you be really successful online.

Let’s keep talking so we can help you get better and better at this new Social Media territory.
So let’s make a time this week to take the next steps?

Your partner in your Social Media journey

Jenny Wilmshurst
Tweet Twins Social Media – NZ
Pioneers in Social Media NZ training and strategy


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