20% of Internet Browser Traffic is video. This is why it is important for Business.

With the implementation of broadband internet access, the holy grail of music, video, audio and animation has really taken on a life of its own.

So much so that today, online video has become a huge growth path as more consumers, businesses, trainers to name a few, take to the internet to deliver and receive video in every form, from file streaming to live real time television, videos and the like.

The various technology channel types for communicating to customers are in a real flux of change in the last few years and more so now certain channels are taking on a real focus that previously was impossible to achieve.

The various formats have developed individual channel streams such as online radio stations, or mainstream broadcasters placing their schedule online, or sites where Hulu deliver online (sadly not available in NZ), Podcasts have taken on a brand presence for what is simply an audio file that you can download onto any one of a number of media platforms including the computer you are using to view this web site.

The benefits of video online and utilizing such sites as YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo and the 20 or more similar sites are growing in importance for companies wanting to demonstrate, engage, share their products, information and personality. Once was a rather costly exercise to get any degree of quality, is easily achieved with a $150 camera and free software. This places a strong emphasis on one thing…content that someone (hopefully 1000’s want to view) and from a business perspective will create sales, buzz, or a more informed buyer.

Would you go to sea with Emma to get a full reef experience for your next tourist experience?

TweetTwin partner Kevin Andreassend regularly relies on online video to demonstrate certain products to numerous off shore clients and inquirers in his technology businesses …either being directed or they find the videos themselves and subsequently makes a sales inquiry.

Wellington based Skulls and Bones saw an opportunity and got this site up overnight over the storm brewing over the Hollywood replica in Wellington. Of course we could not resist building a sign on the hill 🙂

Wellywood sign

Click the picture to create your own Wellywood sign and post it you Facebook.

A chance to create a special message

Of course if you have that      special message here is your   chance to do something a    little different.

STOP PRESS: Did you hear the announcement that Sam Morgan (Tradme) and Stephen Tindall (The Warehouse), Rod Dury (Xero) are planning on creating a new digital virtually unlimited broadband connection costing $900,000,000 to connect New Zealand to the USA. Clearly a sign that rich media, video and data intensive communication online is going to be a very core element of business in the future.

A timely look at the broadband capability around the world can be viewed here at the BBC.

BBC Broadband map

Fascinating look at numerous aspects of the Internet and the virtual world


Video Workshops for Online and Social Media

Realising the importance of video for businesses today TweetTwins will be running workshops that cover the wide gamut of video online. This will include production, editing, SEO, analytics, broadcasting. Kevin will draw on his extensive video and multi-media expertise and background, to enable companies to easily implement Video as part of your business strategy.

If you are interested to learn how to create, use and benefit from Video Online leave a comment below (it will be a private message) or simply click here to send a email. tweettwins@gmail.com

If you are already finding the power of video within your company, feel free to write a few paragraphs of your success and we will publish here for you.


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