Your world is changing whether or not you agree. Learn to surf the wave otherwise your brand will drown, your company will become irrelevant. Your future will be determined by Emotion.

Today we are at the initial waves of a massive change. The future is coming fast and it has nothing to do with logic but it is all about emotion. In an hour you can skip 30 years of technology. You will become a niche player, a specialist, your own brand. Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks. Cellphones will becomes TV sets, TVs will be rolled up into a tube. Your online social media worth will determine your influence in the real world.

Dr Patrick Dixon, Keynote speaker – Futurist – at conference / corporate event on MTN Global leadership. Keynote lecture given to multinational audience of several hundred in South Africa. Keynote presentation covered marketing, management, motivation, industry, leadership, new technology, mobile phones, broadband, convergence, divergence,web phones, future of broadband, sms, video phones and other devices.

Patrick Dixon is a keynote speaker on issues such as globalisation, culture clashes, poltical change, global warming, carbon trading, demogaphics, urbanisation, bottom of pyramid, health, ageing and AIDS.

Economic impact of remittances from foreign workers using SMS credit to avoid foreign exchange transaction costs. How biometrics fingerprint technology will allow large mobile phone payments. Commissions and interest charges on loans. Impact of revenues from American Express, Visa, Delta, Access, Mastercard moving to mobile phone transactions. Threat to retail banks from mobile phone payment systems using SMS, RFID and other technologies including biometrics. All innovation is divergent – doing things different and better.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Tweet Twins Co Partner, and ICE AV Technology Transfer Agent

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