Google Buzz – the latest Buzz

Google Buzz – it’s the latest Buzz!  There is much varied opinion about it  though. Here are some of the more public blog writings on Google Buzz.

This latest ReadWriteWeb article outlines how using an autofollow script grew an initial Google Buzz following of 25 people  to 2,700 in 3 days! Amusingly the writer describes himself as the Robert Scoble of Google Buzz!

Google Buzz looks like a war on dominance and prominence between Twitter, Facebook and Google. What does Google Buzz  mean to Facebook and Twitter? and also what does it mean to Gmail users?

Now we all have another item to add to our ‘To Do’ list – integrating Google Buzz to our blogs!

You’ll be able to read a range of other good articles on ReadWriteWeb on Google Buzz . Google is responding rapidly to market feedback about Google Buzz and so improvements are constant. News about Google Buzz is all over the net – whew let’s try to keep up with it!

STOP PRESS: Google is in a little bit of hot water over the deployment of Buzz. Check out what the NZ Herald has reported.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media NZ @watchthewitter, @tweettwins


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