Social Media is GOING to change your web site and eventually your cell phone. It will influence where you eat, where you buy and where you enjoy your entertainment.

Andy Lark, VP International Marketing with Dell, said on the TV One Breakfast business television programme on Monday, “that Social Media is a major part of their organisation. Customers told them they needed to use new ways of talking to them and give them support. Today it is a significant driving force in Dell’s revenue stream”.

Andy Lark VP at Dell

Andy Lark explains that Social Media is a major driver for Dell's revenue stream

It is estimated that 2010 is going to be the year that a lot of companies will start to take serious notice of what Social Media is and to start to come to grips with implementing Social Media strategies. it is coming to the point where it can not be ignored. A good starting point is register on Linkedin where you can outline your professional career profile. Tweet Twins is experienced to assist you in developing and implementing your social media strategy. Tweet Twins partner Jenny Wilmshurst is active in developing Tweet Twins brand online and offline significantly through LinkedIn.  Tweet Twins other partner Kevin Andreassend is’ exclusively using Social Media tools and strategy to grow his various international tech businesses into the overseas market. iQRite Interactive SimDeck Simulators

Join the conversation and become relevant.


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