Tweet Twins advises COMET as they prepare launch for the next 10 years.

COMET was launched as a charitable trust to deliver support, encouragement, advocacy and guidance to many in the South Auckland region.
Ten years ago “significant gaps between the overlapping responsibilities of the Crown, local authorities and education providers” were identified in the Manukau Education Strategy Steering Committee’s 1999 report.  COMET , was born to address these gaps. The committee recommended “a focused approach that encourages collaboration” through the establishment of COMET, as a stand-alone charitable trust and as a Manukau City Council Council Controlled Organisation. COMET will be absorbed into the Auckland Supercity when Auckland’s multiple City Councils and CCO’s merge in 2010.
The 10 year anniversay co-incided with the worst economic global depression world wide where world-wide businesses crash landed, staff had to bail out from failing companies and banks were brought to their knees.
Fortunately it has also co-incided with one of the most exciting era in IT based communication with the Web 2.0 and Social Media phenomena, that is also having an equally dramatic on industry, technology, business trends, mass and individual communication methods.
COMET runs a range of innovative programmes such as the Principal For A Day, where a local business leader becomes the nominated school principal that is designed to facilitate open, transparent one-on-one discussions between school leaders and their business counterparts, each party is able to better understand and appreciate the other.
The benefit is mutual, as schools and businesses discover that these partnerships offer a multitude of ways in which they can benefit and help one another. The COMET Principal for a Day scheme provides an opportunity to discover these benefits.
It has been estimated that over 1,500 families in Manukau City have seen and experienced COMET in action and the COMET staff crew has grown from one staff person to a fully manned operational team of 10 fulltime staff.
Bernardine Vester, Chief Exective of COMET realised during 2009 that the organisations methods to engage with its various stakeholders had to change to keep apace with the new trends of Social Media, but more importantly to do this in a far more engaging way and at various touch points.
To help facilitate the flight path for COMET as it prepares for the launch into the next decade, COMET secured the services of the Social Media Consultancy and training team know affectionately as The Tweet Twins, to deliver a 2 hour insight as to how Social Media can bring the engagement they desire. The briefing seminar will explore some of the tools, trends, techniques, how to and cut through the mystery that often faces new teams wanting to launch their own Social Media flight path.
Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Co-Principal of the Tweet Twins.

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