Susan Boyle unwittingly proves the power of Social Media and Video

Video is one of the fastest growing means of on online communication. The power of it was demonstrated  last year with the metoric rise to international stardom of Susan Boyle when her appearance on the Britains Got Talent and then the immediate growing rumble online, to the massive unprecedented surge online around the world literally created a superstar almost overnight.

Within a few bars of Susan opening her mouth the judges and audience knew something very special was unfolding before them. Once the outside world got wind of the performance within hours the wave began that has never been seen before…and as they say the rest is history. Dam your parents above must be proud of you Susan, your bullying school mates must be so jealous. Susan you were  a bright light in the worst year since the 30’s.

One Social Media engine helping to cataloque and make the millions of videos coming on line is Vodpod. You can see we are actually using Vodpod on the side bar of this web site.
Tens of thousands of Vodpod users comb the web every day for the best videos relevant to their interests and passions and tastes. They’ve aggregated, collectively, nearly 3.7M videos from over 12,500 different video sites. We just give them the tools.
Early next week, we’re making some changes to the Vodpod account page and overall navigation on the site.
In addition to making the Vodpod home page ( a lot cleaner, these updates make it easier and simpler to:
  • Edit and manage your video collection
  • Add a video (by search, or pasting in an embed code) no matter where you are on the site
  • Share your collection on other sites and services
On the updated site, you’ll see a navigation bar with an “Add Video” button and search field on the right side:
This is what Vodpod is all about. It’s about people helping people find the best videos.
Posted by Kevin Andreassend, Co-Principal at The Tweet Twins

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