Make money from multiple blogs

Why would you have multiple site?

Experienced online marketers have tested and measured the benefits of producing niche websites. International trends endorse this. Niche sites maximise searchers’ interest in diverse subjects e.g. better goldfish care. Website owners get their income from their blog or website. Some options include paid search (e.g. Google  Adsense advertising which shows on your blog), membership sites, payment per lead (CPA), affiliate marketing (selling online for a commission),  video / audio marketing (free video followed by payment) and so many more methods. Some options are more automated than others. Multiple blogs are perfect for getting increased traffic and page ranking.

Multiple blogs mean multiple income streams. If each blog earned between US$100 and US$5,000 then the idea of having multiple blogs designed to require very little hands on effort , or outsourceable effort would be an absolute win, wouldn’t it?! If you had 10 blogs earning $100 each that’s US$1,000 monthly extra for the mortgage, groceries or a holiday. If each earned US$500 that’s US$5,000 extra monthly. Looking even better. What if you had 40 blogs? and your target earnings are? While you’re gobsmacked by the number – yes, there are folks who own even more!

How would you manage multiple sites?
To manage multiple blogs, you would benefit from using management software. This software is more time efficient for the website owner. Several options are:
* WordPress MU – manage multiple blogs, multiple databases, with one application –
* Manage Multiple Blogs – Manage Multiple Blogs RPC –
* WPMultisite

You can also use a multi-author system:

Here is a great article on the practical self management aspects and how to manage multiple blogs effiiciently.

Many are building almost passive incomes, after the early 6 months hard graft, by using blogs with adsense and linking the blogs together for SEO reasons.

Worthy of your thought! Your bank balance may benefit! If you would like assistance in setting up low cost sites, please contact Tweet Twins.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media Marketing in NZ:
Social Media workshops, Social Media seminars, Social Media strategy, getting Social Media into businesses both large and small. Social Media for CEO’s, business owners and their teams.


3 thoughts on “Make money from multiple blogs

    • tweettwins says:

      Some use multiple blogs as backlinks. They are described as link farms or link wheels. I have seen comment by SEO experts that creating these are not seen positively by Google. Some have set up links in irrelevant blogs in order to achieve results. Personally I’d spend the time posting content on sites that Google already likes and are designed to accept much content. These could be high rankiing Social Media sites and bookmarking sites.

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