There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Are you thinking of creating a product from your skill & knowledge base that sells while you sleep or are thinking of getting prospects to contact you for live consulting services. The latter is not a ‘earn while you sleep’ revenue model.

The ‘earn while you sleep’ online marketing content has made many successful from their marketing initiatives

If you are thinking of developing a product or service that can be packaged and sold online then we can help you with the tools and processes that go with that.

For anyone who wants to develop a product for sales online (the while you sleep version) the general process is:
* decide what service can be packaged into video/ebook/webinar (or sell someone else’s on commission)
* create a product/service that can be monetised
* develop and enhance your website presence appropriately
* get the SEO right on your site
* set up automated payment systems
* create an online marketing plan to drive traffic to the site
* devise an online pathway that leads prospects to the chosen action (be it for list building or for immediate conversion to sale). Use automated tools
* optional – set up automated systems for others to sell your product on commission (if that is what you’d like to do)

With LinkedIn, article & video marketing, bookmarking you could create a passive income if you really would like that and committed to doing the initial ground work.

Tweet Twins can assist you with the process.


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