Social Media NZ 2010

Social Media Marketing NZ 2010 – Tweet Twins opinions regarding NZ’s uptake of Social Media in 2010.

USA’s Social Media uptake is several years ahead of New Zealand’s business community in terms of attitude, understanding,  technology uptake and knowledge base. NZ’s LinkedIn professional networkers regard Social Media as no longer a fad.  This can become the ‘year of  Social Media’ for NZ businesses. Reign Social Media Marketing NZ!

Social Media NZ 2010 –  10 reasons adoption of Social Media NZ will escalate in 2010:
1. Old tactics don’t work. Awakening to the need for Social Media. Realisation that the old marketing tactics aren’t working any longer. Marketers, business owners have an earnest need to find and tune into markets differently.
2. Referral marketing works. Referral markets (word of mouth online and offline) are more credible than an advertiser’s message.
3. Research habits change. Significantly customers’ research and decision making modes occur online before buying mode: much is using Social Media tools. Therefore capitalise on opportunity to tune in to where and how they look.
4. Media consumption habits have changed. Markets under 35 no longer take notice of traditional media. They listen and talk about brands and products and make buying decisions through Social Media. If you aren’t using the media your markets are migrating to then you miss out on a whole market demographic. We watch less TV, buy less newspapers.
5. Attitude with new questions. Transitioning NZ’s questioning whether ‘to or not to Social Media’ will become ‘How do I use social Media tools?’ and ‘How do I Social Media?’
6.  Pioneering provides opportunity. Being a pioneer-on-the-block to Social Media within each industry gives your brand a head start, before it becomes too crowded or comptitive.
7. Planning choices. Social Media requires a media planning choice. Always always always remember that although Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are popular with the media. There are a many other types of Social Media tools available. You still need to evaluate which Social Media options are best for your market. Different Social Media fit different demographics and psychographics.
8. Buying cycle changes. Getting into Social Understanding that the markets will take your client base if you don’t provide them with the info they need, lead them through the online information seeking and relationship development pathway,  or pay attention to them.
9. Recognition of Social Media needs. Those experimenting with Social Media will ask how for assistance in effectively incorporating Social Media organisation wide.
10. Understanding Social Media’s impact & scope. Understand that Social Media is no longer about a tactic or channel.It is a whole collaborative way of doing business.

Where Social Media was in 2009:
Visiting Social Media sites is the 4th most popular online activity – ahead of personal email
14% trust ads, 76% trust personal recommendation
2/3 global internet population visits Social Media

Nielsen, Global Faces Networked Places 2009

Where will you take your business to with Social Media in 2010?
We’d regard it as a privilege to help you you make your transition through Social Media effectively. Just ask us.

Written by Jenny Wilmshurst, Co-founder, Tweet Twins Social Media Marketing NZ


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