My Social Media Wishlist for 2010

2010 Here we come

2010 Here we come.

Political – Those trapped in Iran can get the message out via Youtube and Twitter.
Cultural – Increased understanding can reduce intolerance and terrorism.
Oppression – That North Korea citizens are each given a facebook page.
MusicTre-Belle become a You Tube sensation.
Statistics – People realise it is quality not quantity that makes Social Media persuasive.
Tax – Governments do not create a Social Media tax.
Engagement – Companies begin to realise Social Media is simply another way to engage with your market place.
Pace – That I can keep up with all the developments.
Target – I keep focused and not get distracted by all the new goodies.
Success – Social sensations are worthy and deserving for a greater good.
Learn – That we never stop understanding the power of Social Media.
Smile – That we appreciate those we connect with and not take them for granted.
One Family – We are all in this together. People discover tolerance.
Peace – That the power of Social Media can bring a change in many less fortunate lives.
Who is it – Surprise me with the next YouTube wave.

What would you add to this list?


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