Free Mini Blog Course

By now you have probably heard someone talking about blogging, you may have even visited a few blogs recently. A blog is simply another name for a web site, but not just any kind of web site. It is a new format of creating personal interest topic, niche topic and business web sites. They can be completely free, you don’t even need a computer degree or any college training.

Probably the most difficult aspect is knowing how to turn a computer on and how to connect to the internet. If you have found this page and can click on the picture … you are well on your way to making a blog site to win customers and influence your market.
To help get you started we have here for you a 16 page free Mini Blog course. We guide you step by step how to register and setup a blog with your own domain name. So without spending any money this will get you underway with your very own blog simply by clicking the down load link.
Free Intro Course to Blogging.

Download the free Intro Course to Blogging. It is your pre-cursor to Blogging With Pride

The mini course is a precursor to Blogging With Pride, a far more in-depth course where we cover each area in far greater detail where we will start you
right at the very beginning showing you the best newbie information including:
  • What is Blogging
  • The basics on Blogging
  • Why you should Blog
  • The advantages of Blogging
  • How I started out with my Blogs
  • Promoting your Blog
  • A step by step guide to creating your Blog
  • SEO Blogging
  • Finding a niche to Blog about
  • Blogging for personal use
  • Creating Blog traffic
  • Planning your Blog
Let me state now categorically that competition doesn’t matter and none of the system I’m offering you involves Adwords or anything similar.
Forget what you’ve been told and think about it from a common-sense point of view. How hard can it be to set up a blog telling someone all about a subject that they want to know about (I’ll show you how) and offer them links to paid products for them to buy from you in exchange for money?
Now I understand you’re reading this wondering how it would help you because I’m going against everything you’ve ever read about blogging.
And The Best Way To Prove This To You Is To Show You How I Do It, With Examples Of My Own Blog, Full Explanations and Full Guidance.
Copy my methods and I can see no reason why you shouldn’t have the same success with your niche sites that I do. If you too are sick of the get rich quick schemes and having your ass kicked with over the top Adword charges.
To achieve your success click on this link and download the free course and then set aside 1 hour for an enriching rewarding knowledge boost.
The Tweet Twins teach you how to set up blogging tools, enter content, embed content from elsewhere, corporate blog sites in our half day and full day workshops. We are available to run them in-house for your company or group.
Posted by Kevin Andreassend Tweet Twin Partner

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