Eurostar teaches every CEO a lesson in Social Media

One the eve of Christmas every CEO should take note of the customer relations saga in the frozen landscape of England that has befallen Eurostar. Talk about being pelted by a snowball, this is one classic example of how not to be the targeted snowman.

For any company CEO, manager who wonders about the usefulness of how Social Media could have saved the day or at least reduced the number of snowballs being thrown, take heed of the case with Eurostar .. it is one very cheap lesson in real time disaster management, client communication and how Social Media could have been implemented …instead of being cancelled earlier in the year.

There are numerous specific lessons that can be drawn which I will come back to cover in this post shortly ….. in the meantime I need to pop out and do some Xmas shopping in the warm evening air… thank goodness Xmas down under is Summer.


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