Yulia is our Christmas featured Singer at TweetTwins

STOP PRESS: Tweettwins December artist – Yulia has a show coming up on 2009-12-31 at 23:30 @ Live Internet Broadcast – The World, NI http://lnk.ms/55jcP

It has been a while since we featured a singer here at TweetTwins and with Christmas fast approaching I thought it was time to bring you another in the TweetTwins Playlist.

I went back in my mind and thought I would bring you music from another world where I have spent much time in the depths of frozen streets, cracked trees, gorgeous fur clad women, where steam comes from street vents, where a lady hitch hiking down a road is a common sight as she heads across town and a hardness in life that still has cracks of delight and surprises. It hit the news this week when the nite club in Perm (Siberia) caught fire…ah it bought back many memories and I could recall the smell of Russian buildings, the clanking of the steel doors everywhere and sense the bruff security guys. So in a dedication to those who lost loved ones on the edge of Siberia leading into Xmas there can only be one choice.

The singer leading into Christmas is none other than Yulia MacLean whose humble beginning in NZ was as a migrant secondary student and daughter of her “mail order bride” mother from Russia. Today Yulia is a warmly favoured singer in 9 languages with a beautiful voice based in Wellington. With an impressive success scale to-date, Yulia enjoys packed concerts whenever she performs. Behind the voice is an avid user of Social Media who has a presence on many SM platforms. Yulia’s Facebook site is a good demonstration of commerce, free content and helping her get close to her listeners. Yulia has come along way since working as a young student / supermarket worker in Russia from her home city of Volvograd (Stalingrad). Hers is a story of surprise, enchantment, unexpected acknowledgement wrapped up as a true Cinderella story.

Yulia recorded “Teehaya Noch” (Silent Night)

This song has a very close ring as I visited the site a number of times where the house stood where this massacre occurred not to far from my apartment. When Yulia sings in Russian it brings back many of the memories and feeling I have as I remember gazing out of my apartment window in Ekaterinburg, or travelling in the maze of Russian underground rail, or wandering the halls of the Hermitage or finding my way thru many foreign Russian streets very late at night as the snow crunched beneath my feet. The goose bumps become very real when you have lived in Russia.

We Are All Alone
Audio Jukebox on Yulia’s music at here Facebook account
Into the West This reminds me of a train journey I made out of St Petersburg into the countryside to visit one of the grand homes.


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