SEO keyword selection in brief

SEO keyword selection principles are based on researching what people currently look for using search engines. Then a strategy is created around these keywords. Therefore SEO is not opinion based.

The keyword criterion and tests commonly used are:
1. How well searched on Google the words are
2. The likelihood of people spending online with these keywords
3. Whether there is strong competition for the keywords

How the keywords are to be used and where determines which keywords are used. For instance keywords chosen to achieve a Google page 1 ranking may differ from those that will create ROI on Google Adwords and in articles.

The processes of keyword research are:
1. Generating keyword lists – brainstorming root keywords and their synonyms, using specific Google tools and other places that are used to search for large volumes of information e.g. Amazon.

2. Identify the best keywords. Decide the purpose of the keywords, remembering that the purpose will affect the selection. This will determine whether high or low competition and search volumes are chosen.

3. Measure competition. This is based on the number of competing sites, Google’s perception of the sites’ authority, number of links, high monthly searches / low competition

Based on all this information the top 3-5 keywords are selected for website use.

Keyword search volumes change as the market changes. This is called keyword demand. Therefore it is necessary to revise your website rather than leaving it idle. Besides, Google loves sites with changing content!

For Social Media it is valuable to use keywords in your profile and all content. This is epecially useful as Google can help you leverage its favoured Social Media sites. The most popular Social Media are great for SEO!

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