Is Social Media a fad or will it become your new direction in 2010

Social Media is not going to go away. It will not become a fad, nor will it be a geeky thing that is only for a few. For many Social Media is seen as a confusing array of blogs, tweets, invites and videos.

For others it is replacing old traditional ways of doing things, a more effective way of communicating with clients and for clients to communicate with you and about you. The communication direction is changing as it is about being of interest, sharing, community, center of influence and developing relationships. The power of Social Media can be phenomenal in a very short time, surpassing what ever could be achieved. Take Canadian artist Dave Carroll. With one 3 minute song he caused the value of United Airlines share value to cascade down by $180,000,000 simply by posting a video on Youtube in July 09, the ripple effect would have had the Board meeting in utter despair. How long did it take…6 months, a year…no just 3 weeks! Watch the story here.

If you are wondering how and what part of Social Media you will participate in during 2010, take a look at this video and see how others are using Social Media and why you need to seriously consider your strategy.

The TweetTwins are available to hold your hand, work with you, guide you, teach you, consult with you as you adopt and become a presence on line. A range of new phrases are becoming common place in the Social Media space… words like, center of influence, thought leader, tweets, being connected, article marketing, engagement, followers,
social networking and please retweet.

Socialnomics ROI


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