Ideas for the World Party in Auckland 2011

The TweetTwins have started to ponder the opportunities that the RWC2011 presents here in Auckland and how can Social Media in all its various guises help create a memorable event of engaging activities throughout the two months of sports events and celebration for what is being billed as THE party event for 2011.

MASS OCARINA MOBILE ORCHESTRA … Tweet Twins Classical Orchestra featuring Tre-Belle the Pop Opera kiwi sensation trio and 20,000 Ocarina performers!

One concept could be to create a mass engagement with one of the most persuasive pieces of technology in the form of the iPhone and create the world’s largest mass media mobile orchestra. Imagine 1000’s blowing into and playing their iPhone in what becomes one of the oldest wind musical instruments. Now if we can just get the Auckland Philharmonic to ditch their violins, flutes and learn to play the Ocarina they could lead the world’s largest mobile orchestra, Tre-Belle can be the lead singers and you are in the orchestra.

Stanford assistant professor and entrepreneur, Ge Wang is co-founder of Smule that takes the iPhone and turns it into a 12,000 year old wind / touch musical instrument call the Ocarina.

If the Ocarina fascinates you download the application here and get practicing. Free MP3 Download:…
Ocarina by SMule:
Check out SMule’s Ocarina Contest for a chance to win $1000!:


Street Television is is still rare event but when it occurs the effects can be rather mesmerising. It can take on many forms and in the following case it is 3D building projection.

Now here is an idea, wouldn’t it be fun where you could log in from your home country prior to flying down under for the world’s largest party in 2011 here in New Zealand, publish your photo, your tweet and it is mashed up for a grand social media meetup in Aotea Square. 1000’s of people all keen to see did their contribution make it onto the big screen.

As you can see for the group that gathered to view this Street Television they were encaptured by the work of Dutch based NuFormer. Good work guys.

World Party 2011 is happening in our city and will be a once in a life time event.  Would you like to be part of a Social Media phenomenon with TweetTwins?  We would love to hear your idea of how Social media can play a role. Remember that huge growth in the next two years will change Social Media as we know it today. Do you have an idea for an event, want to be involved, have a suggestion? We want to hear from you. Just leave a comment below as we will be checking this out regularly.

Also just so you know a New Zealand first will be happening right in the centre of down time Auckland…the City Council has approved 1.6million dollars for a huge permanent LED screen in Aotea Square – so how can we use Social Media on the big screen as we would love to hear your brilliant idea.

We will be presenting a Social Media implementation plan to City Council based on your input.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

  • Downtown city wide treasure hunt
  • Crowd wave
  • Tweet Dating
  • Set a world record event
  • Most popular surname coming to the World Party.
  • Who can meet the most of their Twitter Followers / Following face to face?

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