What is in a Telephone number and a Surname.

If your phone number was a USA Patent Number for an invention, what smart invention or idea could you claim as your smart idea.

This database gives an interesting insight to the creative ideas that people have. For some they solve significant problems, opened up unimaginable wealth and others the seeds that went onto become 21st century giants. Visit here. http://www.patentstorm.us

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a patented inventor – she created a diaper equipped with a premoistened baby wipe. And that’s no act!

Comic actor Danny Kaye received patent D166,807 for the co-design of “Blowout Toy or the Like”. It’s similar to one of those toys that unravels when you blow into at a birthday party except Kaye’s has three blowouts going in different directions, not just one.

Dennis Gabor, British physicist, is quoted as saying, “Transmission of documents via telephone wires is possible in principle, but the apparatus required is so expensive that it will never become a practical proposition.

Have you ever wondered where most of the Smiths, McCaws, Morrisons or millions of other surnames are resident.

Geographers at the University College London (LUC) have developed a remarkable tool for tracing family history. It is alos a powerful tool for Governments to keep track of international and intranational migration.

The database holds over 300,000,000 names in 26 countries and represents about 1/6th of the world population.
It shows in particular how Anglo-Saxoin and Celtic names have spread over the globe with the English speaking diaspora. Some interesting insight can be ascertained, such as surnames can sometimes become more frequent in the former British colony than in Britain or the coutnry they originated in. A case in point is Brown which is more frequent in Australia than England, though the most popular region is Scotland.

Enter your name on the site – you might be rather surprised in the findings. http://publicprofiler.org/worldnames


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