Free Micro Blogging Site with privacy now launched.

The TweetTwins work with as the blog platform of choice in our workshops. However this is only one of many platforms available. We actually use some of the other platforms from a familiarity and evaluation perspective. One in particular ….

One brand of blogs that range from free to enterprise network blog engines is from Six Apart. Their engines are worth a look especially if you are looking for an alternative to or Tweet twin Partner Kevin Andreassend maintains a Vox blog site from the Six Apart developers. It is a free site and has some interesting and unique features.

Team Vox have just announced an exciting new addition to the Six Apart family. They saw a need for something that was placed  between the quick status updates of Twitter and Facebook and the long form posts of “classic” blogging. The solution is called TypePad Micro, a new free level of TypePad that is streamlined for microblogging.
TypePad Micro is great for the blogger who wants to easily share stuff from around the web to a large audience. The opinion sometimes heard on the street corner that makes Vox unique, and one of the best places to blog on the web, is that Vox always has been—and always WILL be—the best place for “friends and family” blogging, where you’re in control over who sees what. Read more about Vox’s Privacy Settings and why posting to your Vox blog doesn’t mean publishing to the whole world.
Have you begun using any of the Type Pad blog options, we would be interested in hearing your thoughts. To see how Kevin maintains two websites dedicated to Formula Simulator racing visit and and compare the different look and layout.
Posted by Kevin Andreassend Co-Partner of the Tweet Twins http://www.digitaldaytime

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