Business 2.0 part 2

Many see Social Media as a subset of digital marketing, therefore as a subset of marketing which is then under the umbrella of overall strategy.

BUT what if you consider that the whole concept of old business was CONTROL and the new way is COLLABORATION then Social Media is a driver for internal and external market and communication transformation.

What do you think?

Let me put it this way. An NZ example of a 36 business agricultural organisation under old business systems. This company was deemed to have breeched local effluent bylaws. It was disocevered that every individual supplier and company who interacted with the company experienced problems of an inordinate nature. The employees and contractors were disempowered. Consultants found that the organisations dysfunction permeated from the way employees were treated right through to the product quality to consumer level. The company is now bankrupt by $22 million.

Now if we were 3-5 years down the track with Social Media all these companies would have known through Social Media conversation and monitoring how severe the problem was beyond their own experience.They would collaborate to rescue the company from its self imposed peril (no one wants to lose a major account – especially in a primary sector export market).

The result would have been peer pressure provoking inordinate change (resulting in profitability) or deeper defensiveness.

Before you switch off because you think this is only for the big companies, just consider how much easier it is to transform smaller organisations in smaller timeframes. We all interact with companies of various sizes. We all carry risks and opportunities. The principles apply to the small and large.  We can all be part of a whole change towards Business 2.0.

by Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins, Social Media Workshops how to’s, strategy and onboarding with your organisation


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