Business 2.0 part 1

I am a-pondering here as I sit at my computer. It’s a bit windy outside but warm enough. My mind wanders as I thnk of corporates, agencies and SME friends and would be friends busy doing business.

But I want you to take a moment to ponder too – to think while you read this. I want you to think beyond your norms.

What is Social Media to you? Is it a curiosity? or cynicsm? or just a new fangled tack on to digital marketing? Is it just how to set up and use Twitter, FaceBook or LinkedIn? Or have you pushed yourself beyond the tactical and thought of the strategic?

If you think Social Media is a tack on and you really want to do a really good job of using it, how does implementing it impact on the Marketing Department? Who and how much buy in do you need?

Which other parts of your company will be impacted? What if those in HR, Marketing, Finance & Ops all had a new way to do business? What are the concepts you really want your superiors, colleagues, clients and suppliers to REALLY ‘GET’?

What would Social Media look like if it was part of a whole corporate psyche? What if it were a whole change of psyche between your company and those you connect with? How would collaboration look? What kind of new face would Social Media have in your eyes?

Spill over your thoughts below….

…or visit the Business 2.0 part 2 for an NZ case study that explains what I’m driving at


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