Social Media benefits Sales Management

Social Media benefits Sales Management – but how? This may be new thinking to many.

NZ Sales Management today published an article today which highlighted these points:
* The connection between online and offline relationship building
* Ways Social Media can be used in the supply chain and marketing process
* Improved ROI potentially
* How specific types of Social Media tools save budget by handling the sales/buying process
* Using your strong Social community of loyal brand evangelists to protect your brand
* What tolerance your suspects, prospects and clients will permit in the use of online tools, without compromising the relationship
* NZ examples of Social Media in the sales cycle. How even exported high tech products can be sold through Social Media!
* That by using online relationship building, you will be swapping methods and where you do business – not necessarily compromising time. The tools and how the process is handled may differ compared to traditional ways.

Confession – the NZ Sales Manager article was written by Tweet Twins Jenny Wilmshurst

The article will leave you wondering more on the how to specifics of Social Media. So check out Tweet Twins Social Media Hands On workshop dates.

December 2009 to March 2010 dates TBA any day now. Please email an expression of interest in Social Media workshop attendance, with your email, phone numbers – mobile & landline, personal & company names) at tweettwins[at]gmail[dot]com. We will let you know the dates once formalised.

To access the Social Media Benefits Sales Management  article or  subscribe here to electronic inspiration from Jenny Wilmshurst of Tweet Twins & other writers at NZ Sales Manager


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