Bing, Google, Social Media – Search Engine Wars

Microsoft’s Bing is now adding more applications and tools to challenge Google, the current search engine market leader. Currently Bing ranks third in leading search engines, behind Google and Yahoo.

First launched in May 2009, Bing introduced some changes last week that keeps the user on the same internal page when it answers Internet user’s questions. Currently Google and others search engine websites respond to users’ search queries by providing links to other websites that online users can get information easily.

Now the Bing results page, will display more information about up-to-date weather forecasts, travel options, product details, events and attractions in destination locations,  and even hospital reviews. The results are now obtained from multiple sources, including some which are the result of partnerships Microsoft has  formed. For those mathmatically challenged can now type in complicated math equations or even ask Bing a math question and get accurate answers.

The increased functionality will be commence on Bing in the following days.

At the Web 2.0 San Francisco in October, Microsoft made a deal with Twitter in its ongoing attempt to compete with Google in many fields.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend Co-Founder of the Tweet Twins

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