Tweet Twin’s 21 Pointers for Twitter

Twitter is a phenomon that on first glance does not make commercial sense … they have yet to make a profit from Twitter! However as you look way pass the tweet, the long term return is immense. One long term aim that is currently happening is that Twitter is recording, categorising evaluating and monitoring a zillion conversations of real time communication. Make sure you, your brand and company is found in the conversation.

So if you want to be known in the online world Twitter should be a tool you are using and at least have registered your brand / name with before someone else takes it forever.
Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of Twitter:
1.) Know what your Social Media goals are and manage your own expectations!
2.) Looks are important even at a few pixels square! Make sure your photo shows you at your best and is engaging and shows your personality, this will be your benchmark for success.
3.) Only use your logo if you have a personal AND a company profile-this will depend on ability to manage and your own internal PR rules.)
4.) Make sure you list a website, blog, Myspace or url link in your profile where your followers can get more information about you. Make sure you test it!
5.) “Protect My Updates” should NOT checked!
6.) Tell the world how great you are in your bio. It should include strategic keywords for the market you are trying to grow you/your brand too.
7.) Shows that you are listening and care about what people are saying by Re-Tweeting and Re-Tweet again, as it a great way to validate others!
8.) Search to find subjects, keywords, trending topics that are important to you and follow the people who are talking about them. Use the Twitter Search tool (
9.) Do not use the default Twitter Avatar and Background.  Nothing says, ‘I don’t care’ MORE than the default Twitter Bird Avatar or default Blue Cloud Background.
10.) SEO-Search Engine Optimization will love you if you promote Twitter on your other Social Media Networks and vice versa.
11.) In your physical world, consistently talk about your Social Media participation when you are out in public.
12.) Twitter is now part of the mobile phone experience. Download a Twitter Application into your phone. It is just like texting and should be treated the same.
13.) Automatic Direct Message from Twitter automaters can come off as insincere and most people are put off by them. Use with care.
14.) Be thankful – Acknowledge EVERYONE who Retweets you and reply to EVERYONE who @replies to you.
15.) Do not message rubbish. No one cares what you had for breakfast!
16.) Try to make Social Media useful for your Followers by providing information and tips that benefit THEM!.
17.) Twitter is GLOBAL and PUBLIC. Everyone who follows you can see what you are saying.  That means if you are Twittering you will want to make sure you use the same public relations rules you use for yourself or your company.
18.) Twitter is a discussion platform not a one way street for you to blast a sales message. Ask your followers what they want!
19.) Aggregators such as Tweetdeck, Seismic or Twitterific are really useful for a better understanding of how to use Twitter to its full potential.
20.) Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day on Twitter
21.) Try to spend only 30 minutes a day on Twitter.
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Would you like to add to the list, please add your comments below.

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