Social Media is many things to the Tweet Twins

Social Media is a fancy name for something we have been doing for centuries and something the Tweet Twins have been doing for years in various capacities.

It is communicating, caring, sharing, relating, listening, delivering, introducing, broadcasting your thoughts, buying, selling, finding friends, sharing contacts, sharing info, recommending others,  making aware, warning, revealing, and one aspect vital for all businesses.. a little self promotion in any galaxy.

Star Trooper goes hungry

What is the economy coming to when a Star Trooper goes begging for food!

So if you are thinking about Social Media and what is all the hoo ha, it includes one thing you should be doing now… some shameless promotion, however be careful as it is substantially more than shouting from the rooftop. Sometime it is about shutting up and listening to what others are saying about you.

Remember the old saying, “it is not what you know but who you know”, well Social Media redefines this to now being “its not who you know, but who knows you. The Tweet Twins are adept at combining technology, hardware, business practices, software and Social Media to bring you into a new realm of living in a galaxy called “Your World”. In a Tweet Twin seminar or workshop we empower you to walk through into a new dimension.

So our little piece of shameless self promotion for the forth coming Christmas season is here: for audio and music at your next party and function. Or if you want to get into the fast lane in a Formula Race car then head down the road to

Absolute Disco equipment and DJ Rental Services

Absolute Disco equipment and DJ service is ideal for your Xmas function, wedding or 21st party. We bring the gear, music and dance party DJ to keep you on your feet.

Formula Simulator end of year activities

The SimDeck Formula Simulator is a full size car that places you into a life size virtual environment.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend Co-Founder of the Tweet Twins

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