A Problem of Social Media

One of the significant problems that Social Media might make for you is in the area of spy software, questionable down load files, malware and other nasties.

Now of course the whole subject of computer security is nothing new and now as more and more people increase their online experience the risk can open up additional dangers. So first up ensure you are vigilant about your Online Use Policies. In the excitement of finding 50 new friends and developing 20 new business relationships in Linkedin, feeling all the connection and sense of belonging should not give you a sense of all is well in cyberspace.

I will mention two areas, One is the software area where your computer security is breached – infected OS, user files etc. The other is in the user area.

First the computer security, a subejct of many web sites, conferences and businesses. Very briefly you need one or more software applications that enable to both protect and remove nasties.

One programme I use is SpyBot from the good green folk in Ireland. It is completely free and donations are voluntary. Spybot has won many awards and you can read on their web site why they make it free…yes we don’t make a commission or have any financial connection and in the spirit of free enterprise and SM thinking something we do simply to be helpful should you read this page.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies.

Click on the graphic or here takes you directly to the site for a free download.

You can also follow Spybots lead developer Patric Kolla on Twitter!

Patrick Kolla. How? You can follow us on Twitter!  http://twitter.com/SpybotSD

Hardware Malfunction Lurking: I had a frustrating problem on one of my computers this past week that affected my USB port. I was actually unaware I had a problem as the USB ports all worked ok and I was not aware of a malfunction and it was not until I connected one of the new state of the art iQRite Touch frames that I became “challenged” . So after installing the operation software and drivers we found that when we plugged it into the USB the computer gave the normal ping sound and again when it was connected…meaning the computer new it was connected. But the software kept saying it was not connected. Digging deeper in the Systems Device manager we could see it was registered and the OS software knew it existed. Eventually we found a malware exe lurking blocking the frame from talking to the software drivers. The malware backdoor trojan was called sysguard.exe . The upshot was that this was removed by a 30day free use of UnHackme from http://www.greatis.com/ Be sure you visit this site even to get an understanding of the range of solutions and issues. Remember ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse. You and I need to be responsible for every mouse click.

Some suggestions.

Consider using Gmail (Googlemail), Yahoo etc for your social media experience and keeping it separate from your main sales email address as in sales@iqrite.com. Instead it might be iqrite@gmail.com. These are actually valid email adresses for one of my companies.

If you are a company be mindful of who has the passwords to your company Facebook site and Blog site. The enthusiastic sales person may one day need to be dismissed and has all your passwords. So consider a Policy of updating them regularly and record them accurately and securely.

Consider the whole issue of who owns what. Is the free email account belonging to the employee or the company?

What are employees allowed to say in their use of Social Media about company activities, their opinions etc. Staff have been dismissed and censured over what the company has considered as inappropriate. One current debate in the USA is the case of a female board member tweeting and her miscarriage happening in a board meeting.

Posted by Kevin Andreassend Co-Founder of the Tweet Twins
http://www.simdeck.com http://www.iqrite.com http://www.digitaldaytime.com 


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