Social Media Strategy – one size does not fit all

‘One size DOES NOT fit all’ in Social Media strategy.  Every Social Media and Social Networking tool must be evaluated well for its fit with marketing your product, service and sector. Likewise, the combination of tools may vary in each scenario. Just as not every product or service would not necessarily benefit from a leaflet drop or TV advertising, neither is the Social Media selection necessarily a trio of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media has tools that should be thought through just like in any Media Planning exercise. Back to basics marketing with strategies and objectives clearly defined. These influence the use of Social Media tools – selecting the right tool, at the right time, for the right market. So it is vital that business owners and marketers invest time in using and observing how others in their sector are using or could use each Social Media. It will involve finding case studies, experimenting with the Social Media, and finding the add on tools that will maximise the potential of each tool’s use in your marketing e.g. using Twtvite for event invitations & RSVP’s. Getting to know the characteristics of each Social Media enables you to creatively use the options and achieve a strategic marketing edge.

Some businesses will choose certain social media because the medium is not yet crowded by their competition and they can get a foothold with their target market. Others will capitalise on their competition’s weaknesses and grab clients in the selected Social Media e.g. SAAS accounting provider Xero found clients dissatisfied with MYOB, and individually prospected each from Social Media like Twitter.

So enjoy researching, experimenting and making the most of your Social Media opportunities.

Posted By Jenny Wilmshurst, Tweet Twins Social Media

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