How will Social Media benefit my company?

Answer – It’s all about giving good content for both Google and searchers to find you through. How much would Google Page 1 benefit your company? How would two way communication with your prospects and customers benefit your company?

If you could drive more qualified prospects and customers to reach your site would you be interested? If you could reach Google page 1 (or close to it) with the words they search with would it be worth it to you? If you had so much information about your products and services online that it makes it easier for prospects and customers to find you would you appreciate that?

Here is an example of one conversation a Tweet Twin recently had that illustrates this.

Query – Video doesn’t fit our views of advertising. Nor does YouTube. Why our company? How does it video with Social Media?
Answer – More and more customers and prospects research and problem solve ONLINE before they visit offline, to the actual store. Every company needs to be found on Google page 1 for the words customers and prospects search for. The more products, information, solutions you can be found through, the better it is for your brand and your clients.

Not everyone enjoys reading, some people are more visual and video communication suits them well.  Video builds reputation, trust, authority, and informs. You can see passion, and show how to’s and hear genuiness in tones – characteristincs  print don’t convey.

Businesses can creatively use it to provide valuable information to your prospects in a way that print cannot. A business could create a series of purpose created, value-add videos as a campaign.

Have you ever thought about how your business could become an authority for an industry. As an alternative, by interviewing with existing national or international authorities you can position yourself strongly in the marketplace. Alternatively have you thought of how your company can be positioned as the ‘go to solution centre’ for your target markets?

Video is a perfect showcase. It is a perfect complement in the online marketing toolbox. It helps your site to rank well  and build your brand positively.

Tweet Twins believe in this so much that we offer SEO/Social Media packages to achieve these results, and by leveraging your time. The service provides a broad range of Social Media tools to maximise your SEO & Social Media potential. The 2 options are the Professional Package or the Novice Package

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