Search Engine 2009 Ranking Factors

SEOMoz predicts Google’s best Search Engine Ranking Factors and strategies. These mirror the  benefits of Social Media principles.

Hot off the press, SEOMoz released its survey of the top strategies to use right now, in ‘SEOMoz Search Engine 2009 Ranking Factors.’ SEOMoz Search Engine 2009 Ranking Factors predicts the ranking factors or criterion Google will use to rank pages and sites over the next 5 years. It is based cumulatively on performance trends, as reported by the world’s most renowned SEO’s.

It is absolutely insightful for all who want to rank well for natural search on Google. Furthermore – the majority of strategies can be achieved through Social Media and not just Social Networking. Endorsement of Social Media principles continues!

The results support all the talk of the need for webowners and online marketers producing unique, high quality content and encouraging user generated content. Some of the highlights Tweet Twins observed from the report were that Google will in the next 5 years focus on:

  • Unique, fresh content on a page
  • Diversity of keyword focussed external links to the site
  • Popularity of links from trusted sources and authority sites with anchor text
  • Use Social Bookmarking as a quality indicator
  • Geographic linking of domains & IP address in similar locations i.e. local link building
  • Linkbait and viral content
  • Blogging engagement through valuable content that results in Use Generated Content
  • Public relations using Social Media  that adds value for than PR
  • Direct links purchases
  • Engagement through widgets, polls, videos and other embeddable content
  • Events, conferences, workshops, semnars and in-person networking
  • Niche Social Media communities
  • Social Bookmarking services
  • Actual search behaviours
  • Rank will come from general usage data including Social Media usage
  • Value of public brands
  • Use of high trust directories

The best application of this research is to create a prioritised, efficient list of SEO activities to rank site well with. Follow this by systematic implementation of the list, and a site should perform very well.

Tweet Twins makes it easy for you to achieve the benefits and results from using Social Media. We strongly encourage using a range of Social Media tools to drive traffic to your site and build engagement with your prospects. As you are most likely time poor yet want maximum traffic results, you can book our Social Media/SEO packages and 

Tweet Twins also make it easy for companies to learn how to implement Social Media through Social Media seminars, Social Media workshops, Social Media strategy and Social Media implementation. An example is the ‘From Hands Up to Hands on’ Hands On Social Media Bootcamp Workshop. Book into the next Workshop. We want to help you maximise your Social Media and SEO.

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