Have a FREE SEO Warrant of Fitness Lunch on us completely free

This month here at Tweet Twins, we are focusing on making Google and other search engines LOVE your website. One of the fundamental aspects of what the Tweet Twins do is to empower you in your online world.

SEO is to website, as a tune -up service is to your car. The most ghastly thing a person could do is build a web site and then not tune it. Many people make the mistake that they simply build a web site and add some pretty pictures, select the right font and write some fine words, thinking it is about all that they need to. That is simply like putting the key in the ignition and expecting to be able to drive in a race and expecting to win by sitting idle in the pits … literally!

Well the Tweet Twins are about to change that for you in ways you never thought possible.

The first place to start is to find out how does your web site currently rank …essentially it needs to be put into the “dynascope” just like your mechanic uses when he examines your car. How would you feel if you had taken your car to the mechanic and all he did was simply open a few doors, admire the paint job, smell the leather upholstery and charge you $300 as a service for your car. You would be outraged I am sure. Well that is what many web developers do after they build your web site. They forget or fail to tell you some extremely crucial mechanics about your web site. If you do not do these crucial things, your website’s traffic will suffer.

You can think of what is missing as Web Oil, Engine Timing and Bus stops along your journey.

The industry jargon is for this is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and has always beeen thought of as being a complicated thing. But SEO doesn’t have to be …if you talk to the Tweet Twins

As you know normally a mechanic will charge you to service your car as soon as the bonnet is lifted!

Well we have a special bonus offer where we will give your web site a full under the bonnet tune up examination. The report will be at least 40 pages and some have even gone to over 100 pages.Call it your Web Warrant of Fitness.

Now what would you expect to pay for this? Others will charge $1000, maybe even more.

We would normally charge you at least $300 and possiblly more depending on the size of your website.

But I have some special news for you….just keep reading :-)

The Tweet Twins had a “chirp in” recently and we have decided to do something rather crazy.

For a VERY VERY LIMITED TIME we will offer 20 companies an extensive SEO Report that will consist of a MINIMUM 40 A4 pages and more.

  • We will reveal the weakness of your competitors web site,
  • Crucial weaknesses in your own web site.
  • We will establish your site’s position in the Top Ten Ranking Requirments Score (TM) that will show you the Ranking Factor importance.
  • Overall  in the Optimisation Report you will receive 35 Reports ranging from

– Keyword use in body text
– Number of site visitors
– Keywords in outbound link texts
– Readability level of a web page
– HTML Validation to W3C Standards
– Server Speed where your site is hosted
– and many many more….35 Reports in full, in  colour and that you can easily read yourself.

In these reports we will show you how you rank against your competitor web sites and at the same your own ranking and then in the report we will even tell you what you should do to fix the problem.

Some reports we have generated have consisted of over 200 pages! All in easy to read English that includes many graphs, hyper-links, charts and percentage reports.

Well what you pay? $500, $300, $100, $69.

Now if you are a marketing manager we know you are going to be horrified what we will find and report to you about your web site. Remember we don’t need your login in details as the powerful technology we use is able to report a huge amount of data about your web site. We don’t even to lift up your web site bonnet … it is that powerful, sale and perfectly legally! You website privacy is absolutely maintained, no cookies, or software needs to be loaded onto your web site.

Now I am sure you are thinking that this Report we will generate will take a week or more and will drag on for sometime.  We promise to have it to you within a few days.

How about if we promise to deliver your personal customised REPORT within 3 days no matter what the size of your web site is!

And that we will not charge even $69, not $19

but $0.

If you would like to take advantage of this completely free, no strings offer, no deposit and no bribes offer then take this simple step.

Simply pick up the phone and make a call to:

Kevin or Jenny
027 647 2267 or 021 146 7322
or email the Tweet Twins tweettwins@gmail.com

This offer is available to company owners of ANY WEB SITE IN ENGLISH.

To enable us to create this highly sought after report here is all you need to tell us.

1) Your Name
2) Your Email Address and land line Phone Number
3) Your website’s URL
4) What your website is all about.
5) Five keywords that you want your site to be found for
6) The URL web site address of two or three competitors you’d like to beat!
7) Any SEO work you’ve done or had done on your site so far? and the cost of the SEO.

Do not delay as we are only offering this Get this report Free of Charge to a restricted number of companies and for a limited time period. Email us at tweetwins@gmail.com for this Free report

This free offer is not available to web development companies.

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