$100 Million online in 23 months

Read about it here without delay.

Have you heard the rumors of the 28 year old kid who made over $100 MILLION online in just 23 months?

Few people believed it was true until Russell Brunson got the guy on the phone and grilled him for 6 HOURS!
What he found out was unbelievable:
He found out how this guys started in his parents basement with a pen, a pad of paper and one simple idea,
and from that took that simple idea and made not millions, but over a HUNDRED million dollars!

Think this guys ideas could help you sell more ebooks, or more copies of whatever product you’re selling…? I promise it will.

This is a Challenge!

Go get your copy of this interview NOW before it’s gone forever:

You’ll notice that this is a VERY special link where you will get the interview for over 50% OFF what everyone else is currently paying online. Why, because Sean Roach got a hold of Russell for a Challenge, but it only lasts for 4 days, so please hurry.

Thanks again,
~Kevin Andreassent~
A Tweet Twin

P.S. Sean confirmed that after this interview Russell was able to almost instantly add $1.7 million dollars to his bottom line and it was by applying just 2 of the hundreds of ideas you’ll learn from this interview.
Read about it here without delay.


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